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A set with Lavender
A set with Lavender

The word lavender comes from the latin word ‘lavare’ - to wash. The essential oil of the lavender flower has been used for centuries; in gels, ...

... soaps, candles, lotions and infusions, in many food, skincare and hair-care products.

The oil is extracted using steam distillation, as it is done for many other flowers, herbs and leaves. It can be ingested as well as applied on the skin, as also diffused and breathed in. It is added to teas, lemonades, syrups and even baked dishes. As a skincare addtive and an inhalant, It is a powerful bug repellant, relieves anxiety and pain, induces sleep, treats acne, treats respiratory issues, is effective against lice, stimulates hair growth, and aids in digestion.

Like with other essential oils, pregnant and breastfeeding women should stay away from it; diabetics should avoid it; some people may be allergic to it; and only minute quantities should be ingested, if at all.

Because it so versatile, several of our products have the lavender essential oil
– Starry Night and Walk in the Forest series of soap, shampoo, conditioner, mist, after-bath oil and body butter
- the Lilac lip balm and the Sweet Spring Solid perfume
- the Enchanted toner, serum and cleanser (Enchanted Water, Enchanted Blossoms, Enchanted Nectar)
- dry serum, oily serum, oily cleanser, eyebrow growth, anti-dandruff, hair growth, anti-allergy, anti-lice

Do a search on the site with the keyword, lavender to get the whole list ...


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