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Under The Neem Tree

There is a Neem Tree outside our home. It sprouted on its own ...

... more than a decade ago - a good sign, we felt, & let it be. I didn’t think much about it until 5 years ago when on a whim I decided to make a face pack with its leaves for our daughter, for treating a monsoon acne outbreak. It worked beautifully, & quickly became our favourite family go-to remedy for acne/ skin inflammations / irritations etc. Later DwaarPe was born, & Neemrit – a dried version of this same pack, became one of DwaarPe’s first few products. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it became rather popular with teenage girls (considering its “non-glamourous” contents of neem haldi etc). But what totally blew us away was the fact that one of our customers - an older lady – reported to us that regular use of Neemrit has helped her get relief from the long standing eczema on her legs and back. This prompted us to study this herb deeply, and the list of accomplishments it has is impressive indeed – with 100+ anti-oxidants that fight inflammation, viral fevers, a huge range of skin diseases and even cancer. I then also started using neem juice for viral fevers for everyone in the family; & it has never failed us.
This is what led to the development of “Under The Neem Tree” Beauty Box - which combines Neem with turmeric, sandalwood, Tulsi & other powerful herbs from Ayurveda - a potent combination that treats acne, blemishes, wrinkles, allergies, even large pores & age spots!
We continue to discover new aspects of this magical plant - last winter we made a coconut oil neem leaf infusion for using as nose drops – to help relieve a bout of sinusitis. This same oil also proved almost magical in providing relief to a friend for vulval itches / candidiasis / other fungal infections.
And so it was that I started regarding the Neem Tree that grew on its own outside our home with new eyes – and have come to feel a reverence for it – I find myself folding my hands every morning to this majestic tree now arching above our porch, invoking the blessing of Mother Earth through it, and for the first time, have begun to understand how our ancestors in the distant past would have come to worship the Rain, the Sun, the Winds…


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